Hasil 5th Senbatsu Sousenkyou AKB48 2013

AKB48 Senbatsu

Hasil 5th Senbatsu Sousenkyou AKB48 2013 - Semua hasil dari AKB48 5th Senbatsu Sousenkyou telah diumumkan. Dan anggota AKB48, Sashihara Rino (HKT48) menjadi pemenang dengan perolehan suara 150,570 votes mengalahkan Oshima Yuko yang pada tahun sebelumnya menjadi pemenang. Dengan kemenangan ini, Sashihara Rino menempati "Posisi Center" di AKB48 pada Single ke - 32 AKB48.

Banyak sekali hal - hal yang terjadi pada Senbatsu Sousenkyou AKB48 kali ini :

1. Miyazawa Sae menolak kembali ke AKB48 dan memilih tetap bersama SNH48.
“Last year was a year full of changes. My ranking, my fans, and my fans’ support was what pushed me forward. Now, there is always talk about the next generation aces. Certainly, the juniors are cute and stylish. However, what is important for the 48 group is performance skills. I don’t lose to my juniors in this aspect. Now, i have a sudden announcement. My transfer back to AKB48 was announced recently. I will only move forward with SNH48. The potential of SNH48 is still invisible to you, but i don’t want to show you a uncool image of myself, so i will put in my effort in SNH48. In the next single of AKB48, i will show you a new image of myself. Thank you.” Sashihara Rino 

2. Shinoda Mariko mengumumkan Kelulusannya pada Fukuoka Dome Concert.
“Last year, i told all the juniors to crush the seniors. Over the past year, i’ve seen alot of juniors working hard. There is still room for AKB48 to grow. Seeing the faces of my juniors, i’ve made a decision. I, Shinoda Mariko, will graduate. I have no regrets left in AKB48. I want my graduation to be in my hometown. It may be sudden, but pls let me graduate in the Fukuoka Dome concert next month. It is all due to my fans that i am able to work in AKB48 these 8 years. To me, all my fans are treasures. Thank you.” Shinoda Mariko

Dan Berikut Mikroskop Kita berikan Hasil Senbatsu Sousenkyou AKB48 ( TOP 16 ) :

01. Sashihara Rino, HKT48 Team H (150,570 votes) [Centre]
02. Oshima Yuko, AKB48 Team K (136,503 votes)
03. Watanabe Mayu, AKB48 Team A (101,210 votes)
04. Kashiwagi Yuki, AKB48 Team B (96,905 votes)
05. Shinoda Mariko, AKB48 Team A (92,59 votes)
06. Matsui Jurina, SKE48 Team S/AKB48 Team K (77,170 votes)
07. Matsui Rena, SKE48 Team E (73,173 votes)
08. Takahashi Minami, AKB48 Team A (68,681 votes)
09. Kojima Haruna, AKB48 Team B (67,424 votes)
10. Miyazawa Sae, SNH48/AKB48 Team K (65,867 votes)
11. Itano Tomomi, AKB48 Team K (63,547 votes)
12. Shimazaki Haruka, AKB48 Team B (57,275 votes)
13. Yokoyama Yui, AKB48 Team A (53,903 votes)
14. Yamamoto Sayaka, NMB48 Team N (51,793 votes)
15. Watanabe Miyuki,-NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team B (44,116 votes)
16. Suda Akari,-SKE48 Team KII (43,252 votes)


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